Sunday, May 12, 2013

Northeast Mansions Volume 10 - 335 Gladstone Boulevard

 This home was built in 1909.  Tim and Yvonne, the current owners, are doing extensive remodeling and preservation work on the structure.   The home is furnished with items they have collected during a prolonged period  in the Middle East... including time living in Turkey.
                                    The home is fully protected by an advanced alarm system.
 After they had moved in the couple had to be away for a while and during that time a pipe broke and did extensive water damage to the home.   All that has now been repaired.

 Time and Yvonne opened their home for the Scarritt Renaissance Coffee Club on Saturday where a vast repast was laid out in the dining room and guests from the Knotty Rug Company discussed exotic carpets... the care and feeding thereof.... fascinating.   Afterward Yvonne conducted a tour of the house.

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