Monday, July 15, 2013

Neighborhood Revival

Homes in Historic Northeast range from the grand to the simple..  a lot of homes are being renovated in all the neighborhoods.  Above, Independence Plaza, below, Indian Mound.

                                                      Above and below, Independence Plaza.

                                              Above, Independence Plaza... two below, Lykins.

                                            Above and below, Lykins.
                                         Below, subdivided into apartments, Sheffield.


  1. That red and yellow house in lykins, 3230 9th st I believe, is a 9 bedroom 8,000+ sq ft mansion built in 1890 by a wealthy businessman. those windows on the far right side of the house have been open ever since I first saw that place back in 07. Do you know the current status of the house?

  2. It's occupied and being used as a single family residence. As I understand it restoration is ongoing.