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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Colonnade

I sometimes leave the house with just one lens - just for fun.  It is rarely the Nikon 10.5 DX Fisheye though.   Went to the Concourse here in Northeast Kansas City.  Built in 1907-08 and designed by architect Henry Wright - a partner of George Kessler - it graces a prominent western location on The Concourse.  The fish-eye-so named for it's kind of distortion-is not terribly practical.  But it is very sharp and fun to use in some circumstances.  It's major distortion was corrected in Photoshop..but much remains. 
Above is an image of The Colonnade not long after it was constructed ca1908. The view is west from Gladstone Boulevard. 


Monday, October 15, 2018

Cliffhanger Run - Gorgeous Woods

The 2018 Cliffhanger Run will take place on Saturday November 3rd along the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway.  Come and run, walk, or just sight-see.. Cliff Drive is beautiful this time of year (see pix below)   Use this link to get more information.  The Run is also a benefit for Northeast Neighbor to Neighbor . The race will begin at Gladstone Boulevard and Elmwood Avenue.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Halls Are Decked - The Stevens Home

 The 1902 home of Edward A. Stevens is all aglow for the holiday season thanks to its current owners Jeff Zumsteg and Jeffrey Linville.  The annual decorating takes 10 full 8 hour days, although they spread it out a little more than that.   There are 19 Christmas trees in the house this year.  The home is listed on the National and Local Registers of Historic Places.  It has over 8,000 square feet of living space.

After living in the home for only six months, Mr. Stevens passed away.  His wife, Ellen Stuart Moores White Stevens, son and daughter continued living in the house after his death.  His Daughter Aileen married Herbert James, grandson of T.M. James, and after her mothers passing lived in the home until 1925. 
 The front entryway. 

 Stairs leading to the second floor with original stained glass window. 

 Above, side hallway to the kitchen.  Below, stairs to the second floor. 

 Above, dining room.  Below, Gentlemen's Parlor.  

 Above, third floor ballroom.  Below, Jeff Z's English Village. 

 Above, a Mizzou Tree. :)

 Above, Ellen Stevens' portrait painted in 1865.  The Christmas Cactus was a gift to Jeff Z's Grandfather on his wedding day in 1921.  Still going strong after 96 years.   Below, Mrs. Stevens' first husband, William White's portrait, also 1865, he died at the age of 25.  Mrs. Stevens' was a Mayflower descendent.