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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Popsicle Parade

Last night was the Second Annual Popsicle Parade in Budd Park here in Old Northeast... organized by NorthEast Presbyterian Church and Northeast Arts KC ... kids (and big kids) decorated their bikes, scooters, wheel chairs or themselves and paraded from the north side of the Park by Holy Cross over to the swimming pool.... Prizes and popsicles were presented at the end. I was honored to be one of the judges for the event and, while I sincerely hoped to be bribed, I wasn't....

Above, pondering the meaning of it all..... below, in full bloom....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inside A Landmark

In 1907 the newly formed Eastminster Presbyterian Congregation constructed their church at the corner of Benton Boulevard and Anderson Avenue right across from Concourse Park. It contains 16,000 square feet and was built for $40,000. Recently I had a chance to tour the venerable old building .... many thanks to Mike Bushnell and David Joslyn who made it possible.
L. Grant Middaugh was the architect and George W. Nelson the contractor... the price included all the furnishings most of which still exist. Above is the entry hall with the art glass windows which are on the left in the picture below.
Above, the view from the balcony... which is actually an enclosed room with windows that can be opened... pictures later on. Below, two views from the Sanctuary floor. With the overflow 700 people could be comfortably seated. All the art glass shown is original.
You can see the pipes for the organ that was installed by the Jenkins Music Company. Those pipes are actually for show.... the real pipes are behind them.
Entry hall and vestibule just outside the Sanctuary.
Below, under the Sanctuary is another space that can be used for services... complete with stage... note the shuffleboard markings on the floor. Eastminster has three floors and a massive attic.

Above, stairway to the balcony. Below, one of several old pianos in the church this one in the balcony area placed against folding doors which expand the room even more

Above, lots of old furnishings are still there including this roll-top organizer. Below, original folding chairs and a trophy from a while back.

Above, a true gem of a relic... an attendance board from 1926.... complete with readable names and marks showing Presence, Absence, or Teaching. Below other trophies, cross and a vase...

Above, 48-star flag dating it to, at the latest, 1958. This is in between the two windows show below that open showing the Sanctuary below.
The balcony above and below... lots of space and a fireplace. A cozy place for Sunday School.

The kitchen which no doubt served thousands of meals over the last 103 years.
Room below is on the opposite side of the church from the Sanctuary the kitchen shown above is on the left in this picture.
Eastminster Congregation a few years ago merged with Northeast Presbyterian Church which is located at Van Brunt Boulevard and Budd Park Esplanade. Currently the old facility is used by a Sudanese Christian Congregation. However, the structure is for sale.... you can find more info at: I love going through these old landmarks... you can just feel the history.