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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thacher School 1993

 Thacher School was last on the chopping block in 1993.  The District wanted to tear it down to create a soccer field.    It was spared then and actually reopened as a functioning facility.   At that time our Save Thacher Committee was allowed inside to take pictures.   I've included the external shots I took at the time too.     We should mothball the southern portion until such time as a use can be determined.
I think it would make an excellent Community Center for the Northeast.  
 This was back in the film days.  I used a Nikon F4 with T-Max 400 film and developed it normally.
                      Incidentally my Father, Aunt and Uncle went through all the grades here.  

                                         I think the different heights of the coat hooks are cute.......  

Monday, October 29, 2012

We Came Close in '93

Kansas City came close in 1993 to major flooding... the Missouri crested at 48.9 feet on July 27th.  The picture on the left and other "aerials" I took on that day from the top of City Hall.  
 Above, the old Paseo Bridge.  Below, during the flood period an old paddle wheel the William S. Mitchell broke away from its moorings and headed down river from Kansas City, Kansas..  Despite the best efforts of a lone tugboat, the vessel crashed into three bridges.  Wreckage shown in some photos below.

Above, under the Paseo Bridge.
 Above photo taken on July 12th shows the bank-full Missouri with the ASB Bridge in the background.

 Above, the water is almost level with the Downtown Airport.

 Above and below, more shots take on July 12, 15 days before crest.