Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thacher School 1993

 Thacher School was last on the chopping block in 1993.  The District wanted to tear it down to create a soccer field.    It was spared then and actually reopened as a functioning facility.   At that time our Save Thacher Committee was allowed inside to take pictures.   I've included the external shots I took at the time too.     We should mothball the southern portion until such time as a use can be determined.
I think it would make an excellent Community Center for the Northeast.  
 This was back in the film days.  I used a Nikon F4 with T-Max 400 film and developed it normally.
                      Incidentally my Father, Aunt and Uncle went through all the grades here.  

                                         I think the different heights of the coat hooks are cute.......  


  1. Thanks David! Fantastic!!

  2. David, this reminds me a lot of Bryant School, which is at 57th & Wornall. That building is still standing as well, but no longer used by the school district.

  3. Goodness! This takes me back -- was it 1993 when we toured the school (with Patricia Kurtz, I believe)? Funny to suddenly come across a picture of myself standing in the building -- and then see my husband in the next two shots. This was after Paseo High School was demolished -- and we were so into trying to convince the district that the buildings they actually had were worthy of remodeling and saving. Kansas City, Kansas got it -- with Wyandotte High School, which I'm proud to say I actually got to teach in for six years. What a sad testament to the lack of vision and foresight of a district that never put the good of the the community -- or its students - first. Lovely pictures, however -- I'd never seen them before. MGW