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Saturday, July 31, 2010

South Shore Awaits

Journeyed down to the rivers edge to check on the Bond Bridge construction. Tons (literally) of progress to report including the fact that it's almost shore to shore. Very small, relatively speaking, space to go before the span touches north and south banks. Above is the view from above the Isle of Capri fake water feature.... the casino takes river water and pumps it through their grounds and then that circuit is complete with the return to the stream shown above.
Above a panorama under the south end of the bridge showing the only gap that remains to be closed. Paseo Bridge is on the left. The new bridge is scheduled to be finished by this time next year.

The north end was constructed using steel supports.... after the midpoint was reached the southern half of the bridge was cantilevered out since the river channel had to be kept open for barge traffic. The river's high level this year has slowed progress somewhat since much of the work is done from barges which also bring a lot of the supplies out to the work site.

When finished and illuminated by thousands of led lights that will be computer controlled the bridge will be stunning...

The top of the delta pylon is roughly 316 feet above the river's surface....

As mentioned previously tugs, like the one pictured above, scurry around the supports of the structure all day.
The remaining gap between in the bridge near the south shore seen above. Below, that same gap from the endpoint.

Above and below the deck will soon stretch completely across the river.... in the above photo you can see the small crane atop the delta pylon which ferries men and equipment to the top.