Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint John's Anglican, Historic Northeast

Above are pages from a church prepared pamphlet which describes the journey the congregation made from formation to their current home.In the 500 block of Kensington Avenue St. John's Anglican continues over a century of service.
My tour guides, below, Dorri and Ian, were very gracious in allowing me lots of time and giving me lots of information. Ian also had a bunch of questions about photography :)
In the image below you see the church on the left and the rectory on the right. Many Northeasters will remember Father Claudius and his family who lived there from 1959 to 1989.

Below, the view from the balcony which was added in the 1960s to provide space for the organ and choir.

There is quite lovely stained glass throughout. In building the stone church the parishioners were very frugal and watched costs closely down to the cost of each stone. It was built in stages with the corner stone (actually in the center of the front) laid in 1903 and the building completed in 1905.

Above, looking from the front of the church to the back, or, looking west from east.

Above, the Sacristy, below two images of the books that have been carefully preserved showing births, deaths, and baptisms.

Above, the kitchen with its gas range... below the fellowship hall with the "old" altar in the right foreground.

It's always refreshing when you see history so carefully saved. In my humble opinion there can be to much discarding of the past destroying tradition and memories.

The old metal sign that has been replaced by a vinyl one.
Above, children's play area and below a small worship space with old windows from the Sanctuary.

You can see this delightful church yourself, perhaps even join them in worship. 517 Kensington Avenue, 64124 816-231-8270.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Lord and master of all he surveys, accomplished hisser, disliker of all things human (except his), and arch-enemy of Mr. Daisy. Nikon D5000... stuff un-recorded.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Senior Citizen Flower

The crocus bloomed late this year.... seems with a hard winter they bloom in February, with a mild one, March. I also realized that this same plant has been blooming since I was little... and came to discover via online research that Prairie Crocus can live 50 plus years.... I'm going to see if I can get a senior discount on plant food.... hardy little dickens.... and so welcome each spring. Nikon D3, 105mm macro lens, F22, ASA400. Tripod and cable release...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The House of Sulzberger; A Pictorial History

Above, Patriarch of the family... Doober Von Shitinholen.... who changed his name after the invention of the indoor privy to Sulzberger. Below the Princess Ivan Gottitenass of Anorexia de Blueven with whom Doober had a dalliance in 1533. This was an illicit relationship between unequals and led to the War of the Petunias which lasted over three weeks.
One son, below, came from this union. Skippy Von Steppeninit, who, fortunately inherited his mother's charm, good looks and vast territories in Schushen End Gesundheit which was renowned for its deposits of licorice and incredibly loose women and door hinges.
Skippy was raised by his maiden aunt Baroness Lugi tut a Lugi who, after extensive research, has proven to be his actual mother... a fact unknown to the young Prince.
Skippy Sulzberger was consort to Queen Elizabeth of England during her reign and, like all old people who are married for hundreds of years, they grew to look like each other. There was one child from this trystification but we don't know who the mother was. As a result of a misspoken phrase, Skippy was beheaded. His Lopped Off has been handed down from generation to generation since to instruct that manners do matter.
The picture below has nothing to do with the Sulzberger epic, I just like the hat.
Skippy Sulzberger's son eventually became Ardnack the First who secretly ruled the British Empire in a shadow government behind all the royals for decades. He died in a shrimp boat accident on the Adriatic. His Great, Great, Grandson Terrance of Northtown is the last surviving direct descendent of Skippy. The family fortunes have fallen so far in our egalitarian world that he can't even hitch a ride on a cow.... sad....