Monday, March 16, 2009

Lost Inscription

One of my posts below was of a building which had the high water mark written on it from the flood of 1951. Well the people that are "renovating" the building apparently decided that history is irrelevant to the future (unless they are going to put up some plaque in its place... right). So... at least I have a photo of it... and now you will too. I want to make it harder to stamp out the past. Here it is... the location in the first photo and a crop in the second.


  1. there are some after-flood photos on google life archives

  2. Thanks! Didn't know those images were online. My parents drove down through the area that August... and although I was tiny... I do remember the horrible devastation. Our neighbor had a bar in the bottoms that just disappeared. He had to rebuild from scratch.

  3. Thank you for the historical documentation! There have been several "Great Floods" in Kansas City history, but the one in the 1950's is the most photographed, but it still is amazing. I hope they do put a plaque up. I hate seeing history get erased.