Monday, March 30, 2009

One Last Farewell

This is the last time I'll probably blog about this... The wonderful Victorian Duplex at 2116 -2118 Minnie is gone. This structure achieved landmark status in 1989.

Built in 1888 by L.A. Copley it was Chateauesque in design with B.H. Brooks as the architect.
Original occupants were: 2116, Henry Albers, wholesale flour business. 2118, LeGrand A. Copley, the builder, who previously lived at 409 Wabash.

What the Missouri State Landmark survey said: "This duplex is a rare example of the Chateauesque style in Kansas City, Missouri. Main or south elevation features entry porches, east and west bays, featuring classically-inspired columns. Inconspicuous entrances, south elevation. Fenestration is double-hung, sash-type with multi-panes. Prominent terra-cotta lintels feature intricate, low-relief carving. Pedimented dormers feature arched fenestration with brick voussoirs. Other features include terra-cotta pinnacles with crockets; and terra-cotta false arches with basketweave brick design, low-relief carving and decorative keystones. Cornice line features carved brackets. Two=tier porch, north elevation, non-original."

The first image is a copy of a copy of the photo with the Missouri Landmark Survey taken in 1989. The second image is last Monday, 3/23, just before demolition. The last image is how Kansas City and a negligent owner treat historic properties.

Thank you to Kent Dicus who provided me with a copy of the Missouri State Landmark Survey.


  1. It blows my mind that the duplex was completely unsalvagable. That just seems wrong. Why wasn't the Register notified BEFORE they were going to knock it down?! It makes no sense.

  2. This is a very contentious issue right now over here. The short answer is that an emergency demolition trumps Landmark status and the ONLY person Dangerous Buildings has to notify, other than posting the building, is the owner. The owner didn't tell anyone. I think that if a building IS listed on the National Register that extra steps need to be inserted in the process before actual demolition takes place including the notification of the Landmarks Commission. There were people ready to come forward and even provide a free roof last week... but it's just so much easier to destroy history than to preserve it. This was a bad deal all round.

  3. Theory on why building is gone: most people don't know a fenestration from a lintel. Long live liberal arts education … boo to poseurs. Even Yves Saint Laurent knows when to sell.

  4. Well I know the difference. Fenestration is when you have your fene removed and a lintel is a bean.