Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So Long Victorian-update 3/27

Northeast KC lost another venerable old structure today as wrecking crews demolished a building over a century old. Due to a negligent owner the property was in such disrepair that an emergency demolition was ordered by the city. Another piece of our past gone forever.
These two pictures show: closeup, last summer, whole view, today just before the destruction. The house stood at Minnie and Brooklyn in the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood. Update: Original reports stated that the third floor of this building had fallen into the basement... as you can see from the top three photos taken on 3/26 the third floor is still there.


  1. Oh, how sad!!! Pendleton Heights, Scarritt Renaissance and Indian Mound are some of the most gorgeous neighborhoods that aren't "hippy and trendy"...so sad to see another piece of history go...sob...

  2. They said on the channel 5 news story last night that the interior floors had collapsed into the basement leaving only the unsupported exterior walls to hold up the roof, BUT in the live shots showing the half-demolished building you could clearly see interior floors and a stairway. PLUS the reporter was standing right up to and against the DANGEROUS building for the piece.

    Sumpin ain't right here.

  3. On Monday (two days ago, only in the northwest corner had the second
    floor fallen through. Both staircases were completely in tact,
    including the railings (although some of the ballustrades had been
    removed and propped up against a side wall). Both newel posts were
    there, as were all of the doors. There were the occasional holes in the
    floor, but nothing irreplaceable. I'm amazed how the Disney building on
    East 31st Street can be gutted and have the four walls left standing for
    years while this irreplaceable home is demolished within one business
    day of it being labeled and posted as a "dangerous building". Shame on
    you, civic "leaders". Through his ignorance and selfishness, the owner
    has inflicted a permanent scar upon the neighborhood.

  4. the city tears this one down instead of all the really falling apart ones??

    Glad you got a picture of what it looked like before they started ripping it to shreds!

  5. Sounds like someone had a vendetta to settle. Justice is not served when rules are unequally applied.