Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

I'm lucky to have a cherry tree in the backyard. It was a volunteer in that it just popped up from the roots of an older tree that is long gone. It didn't really pick the best place to grow as it's heavily shaded by a nearby catalpa and huge cottonwood that is directly overhead. Thus it has some blooms but few cherries. None-the-less it is a pretty tree and seems otherwise happy.


  1. There are a lot more fruit trees where I come from;people here plant trees that mostly produce some flying crap or acorns. I love cherries - there is a local orchard that I am keeping my eye on for cherries.

  2. GORGEOUS photos!
    Like a chance encounter of Georgia O'Keefe and Robert Mapplethorpe.

  3. I like Mapplethorps portraits of women and small children... gorgeous use of film, light, processing and printing.