Friday, April 24, 2009

Corinthian Spring

Another post of pix up by the "Museum." In this case I'm showing two different color spaces... Corinthian Hall is shown in the Adobe RGB color space which is closer to natural and has more gradations of color. The red bud which is due west of the building is shown in the sRGB... a microsoft creation for web and other uses. The latter is certainly more colorful and saturated... but too much for my taste.


  1. That first picture might be my absolute favorite pic of Corinthian Hall I've ever seen. Mr. Long would approve. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you are taking pictures of the Art Chalk up at the Concourse this weekend!

  2. Actually I spent the morning helping plant trees in Budd Park.... 40 new trees were added to the grounds by volunteers of all ages... I was pretty tired after that.. so didn't make the Chalk Walk.. but, weather permitting.. I will head up there tomorrow.