Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fifty Years Together, Thirty Years in Business

The Dairy Queen at 2635 Independence Avenue has been serving generations of Northeast residents and visitors. It has been in continuous operation for 43 years and holds that record for the Boulevard. John and Esther McMurray have owned the DQ for 30 of those years and Esther has been behind the counter for 43 years. This month they also celebrated 50 years of marriage. Wednesday a celebration was held at the DQ to honor their longevity in both areas.
The Mayor was on hand to read a proclamation honoring the couple and Lee Lambert, President of the Independence Plaza Neighborhood Association, presented them with a plaque, t-shirts and caps. Esther said she and her husband have no plans to retire and hope to keep working for several more years. And the best part? Free Dilly bars for the first 250 people and I made sure I was one of them :)


  1. your mayor is one scary looking guy,especially when he is surrounded by normal people

  2. We, over here, never use the word "normal" in relation to anything on the Boulevard. :)

  3. Wow, that's impressive. Hey, M.V., normal is only a setting on a dryer.

    I detest normal. Or perhaps you haven't noticed?

  4. still he is a scary guy,say what you want

  5. Darn it... I meant to go to this. I can't believe I forgot about it.

  6. I love that place!! Every since we moved from the NE, no other DQ stacks up. Nice to see they're still in business!

  7. I remember going there as a kid and the McMurry's being there then. They don't look a day older. Must be something in the ice cream.

    My brother was just a few years old when he said his first curse word in the parking lot there.
    It was one of those blistering summer evenings and our parents took us for ice cream. My brother couldn't quite keep up with his quickly melting cone. So from the back seat this small voice said, "I wish I'd never gotten this damn Ice cream cone!"
    I'd never seen my parents turn around so fast.
    But we've had a lot of laughs over it in the last 30 years.

    It's a real treat to see that some business can last that long in NE.

  8. Esther's shoes!
    Her hair!
    They are charming as ever, J. and E.
    Did they offer any words of wisdom on what makes "it" work?