Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extra Special Birthday

My daughter is 21 today (March 10th). She's home on spring break this week from Saint Louis University where she's double majoring in Anthropology and Spanish. Congratulations Kelly.... Love Ya Kid.


  1. She's lovely. And obviously intelligent. Everybody wins.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly. I am forgoing obvious drinking age references :-) Have fun!

  3. Happy Birthday!! And I'm sure your dad appreciates the fact that you are one of the few things he shoots that does not require Photoshop to make it look good ;-)

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter and congratulations all 'round. Good for all of you.

    Mo Rage

  5. whoot!
    (wow, that's an early spring break. ku and kcai is not until next week; umkc is, umm, the week of the 30th / into april. who's got the more christian school now? (or does her school get more time off for easter?)
    21 was a great time. it was fairly downhill from there. but at least she won't have $400,000 of medical school loans!