Sunday, March 21, 2010

This, That and That Other Thing

Cliff Drive has its charms year-round. This is a mish-mash of scenes from the Scenic Byway...Above... late afternoon last Wednesday.... below same day... shows the kiosk ... one of two. that are being built to offer details on Cliff Drive and surroundings. This one is next to the Museum and the other is by the West Entrance to the Drive (Paseo).
Blogger friend Donna (Just Me) showed some pictures of her wild grape vines.... so I thought I'd show the ones we have along the Drive. They're taking over everything... below, the overlook by the waterfall fountain.

Above by the East Entrance... looks like an alien landscape... doesn't look much better when it's green either.


  1. I'll see your grapevines and raise you two acres of poison ivy.

  2. I always love your shots and posts but I particularly like the one, above, of the kiosk with the mansion in background. The sky turned out very cool.

    KC Photog Blog/Mo Rage

  3. Thanks PFLOW... that picture was the last one I took before my D200 had it's shutter's now in the Nikon West Coast Hospital racking up charges.

  4. I think a lot of that is Japanese Hops. It sends me to the emergency room if I barely touch it.