Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Early Spring Along The Indian Mound Trail

The Indian Mound Trail runs from Elmwood Avenue to White Avenue in Northeast KC... it's part of the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway. The Trail is in red, animal paths in green and springs/creeks are in blue. It's 1.2 miles one way.
The early spring flowers are beautiful but brief...

Above and below, Hickory.


  1. Was that one picture of a May Apple?

  2. No... not yet... got another 3 weeks before they show up... but I'll post some pix when they are here... thanks for looking!

  3. i think a may apple, yes, though i obviously have never seen a hickory blossom before today. i know, i know, mortality and all … but, hey, i think i killed the walnut tree (on purpose, and it only took 3 seasons — watch out, i'm a mean hand-saw wielder …)