Thursday, June 30, 2011

Restoring the Past Part Two

Above, step one, remove the damage in the sky and some of the microbial dots.... remove the stain in lower right corner. Below, step two, eliminate fixer discoloration and increase exposure in upper right and top. The "smoke" in the upper left corner, I've decided, is from a train... the same feature is on the Library of Congress copy of this picture. Started removing the horizontal lines. If this shot encompassed jus 7 blocks more to the south I could see the homes of my paternal grandmothers and grandfathers.... but, alas.....


  1. Cool photo. At the risk of looking dumb, I will assume that it looks north--I wonder what the vantage point was--any ideas?

  2. North and East... it was from a balloon 1,000 feet above 13th and Summit...