Saturday, June 4, 2011

Twenty-Eight Feet and Counting

Not as high as 1993...... yet... work on removing the old Paseo Bridge continues.... deck is completely gone.. vertical supports going next.
As marvelous as the bridge is.... a simple thistle is just as becoming... although less functional in our eyes I suppose.

The river is flowing very fast and is a deep chocolate color with lots of debris.


  1. chocolate color comes from the crap they dumped in the river upstream from the close sewage plant

  2. I heard it comes from the chocolate fields of Iowa...

  3. or, it's just plain mud from the banks.
    at what stage does the river become impassable for barges, etc.? there doesn't look like a lot of clearance under bond.

  4. Kind of an optical illusion.... there's still plenty of clearance under the bridge... barges can still run but all recreational traffic has been banned. Too much debris....