Wednesday, September 7, 2011

KC Parks Part Four: Swope

Swope Park is the 29th largest municipal park in the United States. It's 1,805 acres were donated to the City in 1896 by Thomas Swope whose Memorial Gravesite is contained on the grounds. Above, Lake of the Woods on Gregory and, below, the approach to the Swope Memorial.

Above and below the site of Colonel Swope's grave.

A wonderful view from the Memorial looking west.

Above and below, two more views of the Lake of the Woods... popular place to fish and picnic.
Below, the Pavillion, not far from the western entrance to the Park.


  1. I don't think I knew Swope was buried there; or maybe I knew it once and forgot it. Back when we lived in Kansas City, when I was a kid, we often went to Swope Park for picnics and a zoo tour. One time my sister gave me the choice of going either to Fairyland or the zoo. I think she was surprised when I chose the zoo!

  2. There is so much to check out in Swope. I have not been to Swope's grave but these are great pictures.

    I also just got my copy of Pendleton Heights: Then and Now and it's a great book. Everyone involved did a great job. Thanks for posting it on your site and you did a great job with the pictures in the book.

  3. Hello- these are beautiful pictures of the memorial. I was wondering if you would be willing to sell some of them to me? I have pictures of my great grandparents on the steps of the memorial, and it has a special meaning to my family. Colonel Thomas H. Swope was my great-great-great grandfather's nephew. I've taken and seen many pics, but these I was drawn to.

    1. Of course. You can contact me via email: