Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Tale of Two Bridges

 The new Redbridge Bridge art installations were dedicated Friday.  Top photo the old Redbridge in the foreground, the new Redbridge in the background.    Above, all along the bridge are images of pioneer leaders of early Kansas City.

 There are also cut-outs that extend from the bridge with information on the area and surroundings with great views.

 Above, the old bridge from above... it's been totally rehabbed and is now part of a walking trail... no vehicles allowed...

 On hand for the art reveal were Councilman Scott Taylor, Councilman John Sharp, three re-enactors, and Mark McHenry Director of Kansas City Parks and Recreation.
 Mr. McHenry surrounded by guests from the Hillcrest Community Center who attended the presentation.


  1. South KC East Red Bridge Road adjacent to Minor Park.