Monday, July 9, 2012

Spice Girls at Sandstone

The date, August 3rd, 1998.
The place, Sandstone Amphitheater 
The characters... Kelly (my daughter on left) her friend Brittany on the right.
Also, a much younger Hyper.. The Kid is doing sun-squint , she was happy.
Waiting for the Spice Girls..
And, the screen opens, there they are. Lots of squeals.
I was just as enthusiastic as the girls... I really liked that group.
It was a really good show and the weather wasn't bad.
Good old Ektachrome 400 with Nikon F4 and 80-200mm lens.
Kelly being attentive and dancing too.
I remember getting in was fairly easy, getting out took over an hour.  Got the girls home around two AM.....   Worth it though.   Great evening.


  1. you look like that one actor....Kelly didn't change at all

  2. Awesome! Thanks for posting.