Monday, July 23, 2012

Historic Northeast Mini-Mansions Volume 2

 John and Malenda have restored this wonderful 1890 home to its original beauty while preserving its historical appearance.  They have done the work themselves with John leaning to the labor side and Malenda leaning to the design side.
Colonel and Mrs. George Peery Gross were the original owners of the home.  Colonel Gross enlisted in the Civil War when just a teenager and, by the time of the Spanish American War, had been promoted to Colonel.  According to sources the Peery's were "well known in 
social circles." Mrs. Gross was the former Miss Martha Vincil of St. Louis.  They never had any children of their own but raised a nephew, Harry Miller, who served under the Colonel as a lieutenant in one of the companies in his father's regiment.  See a picture of Colonel Gross at the end of this post.
 The living room is to the right as you enter... above we are looking south and below west.  The stairs are now finished and just await a hand-rail which is one of the next interior projects.
 All shots taken with the Nikon D800 and 14-24mm lens.  Multiple exposures each setup for high dynamic range in each image.   ISO 800 indoor, ISO 400 outdoor.
 Above, the kitchen has been totally updated. below, first floor guest room.

 Above, the exercise room.... below, the dining room with its amazing bay window.   The ceiling fixture in this room was purchased by the couple before they even owned the house. It fits in perfectly with the home and its decor which is arts and crafts, art deco, and other forms that are wonderful in their simplicity.
Above, please note the larger, carnivorous, beast that, if you break in, will eat you... to the sound of the alarm...

 Above and below the second floor sitting area with door to the porch.  Most relaxing is performed here.. On the left, through the new doors, is the master bedroom.

 All new bath above.... and, below, the porch....  reportedly quite comfortable in the early morning and late evening.... now-a-days.....

 The couple has re-done the back of the property too with garages and a new water garden.... complete with inedible fish...

 Above, the back of the home as viewed through the water garden gate... below... things are still green thanks to copious amounts of water.
 Right where I'm standing to take this shot  (above) John located a large cistern... after a large amount of concrete and fill it was a lot safer to drive over.   Being built in 1890 prior to the public water system moving this far east, a cistern was a must....
Malenda and John are both very active in the Neighborhood and I'm thrilled they allowed me to photograph their home....


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    1. John and Malenda hosted the June gathering of the Scarritt Renaissance Coffee Club. We were fortunate enough to take a tour of their home. As you can see from these spectacular photos of David's, the reno is stunning. They took everything down to the studs and put in new everything even the wooodwork. The SRCC members were WOWed!

      Our next SR Coffee Club gathering will be at Back Door Pottery this Saturday, July 28th. DVdeL

  2. Incredible job! Very inspiring to see this. Hopefully, others will be encouraged to do similar projects!

  3. Stunning rehab! The woodwork is amazing.

  4. Beautiful home, beautifully photographed! Thank you!