Saturday, October 20, 2012

Northeast Homes Tour Part 1

 The First Annual Northeast Kansas City Historical Society Homes Tour was today with seven wonderful examples of architecture spanning the years from 1884 to 1944.   Above and below, the Palazola House.  A pristine Queen Anne with marvelous interior design located in Pendleton Heights.
              Above, entry hall and below, the parlor.... all the stained glass in the home is original
 This home was built in 1888 for Phillip E. Chappell former mayor of Jefferson County, Missouri, and the Missouri State Treasurer.  Joseph and Mary Palazola purchased the house in 1934 and it has been in the family ever since.  
                                                     Above and below the dining room

 Fireplaces throughout and beautiful bay windows.

 Above, the hallway to the front entryway, below the door from the kitchen to the backyard.

 Above, bar area and "nook" with hand painted mural next to the bar.  A portrait of the homeowner
                                                                  below with "stogie."
 Original art below,  "Nola."   I love that one.

 Breakfast nook above and kitchen below.
Landscaped back yard.
 Above the staircase to the second floor.   Just the first floor was on tour but Toye Palazola gave me permission to "wander."   I'm very grateful for that.
 Second floor balcony overlooking Pendleton Avenue. 
 Above, upstairs family area and below the master bedroom.

 Above, second floor bathroom and, below, butler steps to kitchen.

 Toye Palazola has decorated the home and overseen, with Dr. Palazola, it's restoration.  Two windows, above, which were restored are original.  Below, Toye painted the second floor landing ceiling.


  1. Gorgeous, fantastic home and ditto on the images!

  2. That is just so beautiful. Love all the wood in this House. Thanks Larry for telling me about this BEAUTIFUL