Sunday, October 21, 2012

Northeast Homes Tour Part 2

 Charles B. Leach Mansion/Garfield Heights
This High Victorian Queen Anne style home was built in 1887 for lumbar baron Charles B. Leach.  
The current owners, Michael G. Ohlson, Sr. and Kent T. Dicus, purchased the house in 2003.

 Harvey A. Brower Residence
Current owners, Cisse Spragins & Sean O'Toole
 This home is Italian Renaissance Revival which was popular throughout the United States in the early part of the last century.  It was built for retired umber man Harvey A. Brower who passed away before its completion in 1910.  His widow and two daughter-both married to doctors, moved in upon it's completion.
 Walls are three courses of bricks thick-14 inches.
 The current owners are very active in the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood and estimate that their restorative work is about 30% complete.  The home used to have a porch on the front... and plans are for that to be restored.

 The latest part of the house to be restored is the dining room, above and below.

 Entry hall above and below.


  1. I'm a lifelong Kansas City, MO resident, and I am so pleased to see this active tour! I wish I had known about it/had the time to go on it this year! I love not only to look through historic homes, but to learn about the history behind them. There are always such good stories! Before retiring a number of years ago, I designed a wedding at the Kansas City Museum there in the Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood. (I don't think they do such events there anymore, do they?) It was one of the most special opportunities of my career because of the beautiful site and all the history. (I was delighted when a few years later we moved to Longview Farm, another Long family legacy.) I will admit to imagining myself as the grand dame of the house as I went about my work within its gorgeous walls. That staircase was spectacular! The homes featured here are all beautiful, and I am so glad they are a part of the Kansas City landscape!

  2. The Museum is currently under renovation. It will be a few years before completion. I don't know if plans exist to start up the hosting of weddings again... but I wouldn't bet against it!

  3. Hi Alycia--Thanks very much for the great feedback and story with your connection to the Long homes. We had a lot of fun during the past several months planning the Tour. I will be in touch with you next year about potentially helping us out to be a docent at one of the featured homes!

    --Kent T. Dicus
    President, NEKCHS

  4. ALL these homes are lovely but what are their addresses. Where do u obtain the tickets to go on this home tour
    and what is the time of the home tour.

  5. This homes tour was last year. This year's homes tour is today and you can get tickets and addresses at Mayfair Cleaners Independence Boulevard and Chestnut... Tour is 11am to 4pm.