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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Brownstone Renewal Ongoing

 The William Chick Scarritt home (1887) continues it's return to glory with new, upper floor, windows.  Special order thermal since they are curved.  Only two panes left to install.  This house has come a long, long way since it burned a year and a half ago.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

William Chick Scarritt House - Update

Gutted by fire a year and a half ago, the mansion at 3240 Norledge in Northeast Kansas City is slowly returning to its glory.   The curved windows in the "tower" are now being installed.  There is only one factory in the United States that will make to order curved, thermal windows.  It is is Arkansas.  It took a while for those to arrive.  The home was constructed in 1887 for William Chick Scarritt, son of Nathan Scarritt who owned most of the land in the immediate vicinity. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Brownstone On The Hill

 This magnificent 1888 Brownstone built for William Chick Scarritt burned yesterday.   A local television station broadcast interior pictures from before the current owners restored this masterpiece. With their permission I'm posting these pictures of what was ACTUALLY lost.   This is a tribute to the work of Larry and Susan... at least we have these memories for now. Much of the work was done by the owners themselves.  To show the interiors before any work took place with the implication that not much in terms of furnishings were lost, is awful .
 New roof, new copper gutters, restored exterior, rebuilt chimneys .
 First floor rooms.  No fire, but thousands of gallons of water and collapse damage.

 Second floor, totally lost.

 Third floor, also a total loss.

 Note the view of the Kansas City skyline out the third floor window.