Sunday, March 3, 2013


 Amber stopped by the studio Saturday for some new head shots.   She's entering the Miss Missouri United States Pageant to be held in April.   We do a variety of shots... some for the pageant, but others that she can use in her modeling portfolio.       We also went outside for some shots in the snow in my backyard and also up by the Kansas City Museum.  She's represented by the Hoffman Agency.  All images Copyright 2013David Remley.

 Most of the studio shots were done using a 6-inch pan reflector around the flashtube with another light on the background... some done with a gold reflector under her chin.   Others, (yellow) were shot with a flashtube in a large light box with additional flash unit on the background and one on her hair.  All outdoor shots were available light only.

All her images are here:

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