Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Northeast Mansions, Volume 9 - H.L. Root Home

 The above picture home of H. L. Root was originally 2905 Independence Avenue... now it's 2817.  That change of address happened rather frequently in the early days of the City. This home was designed by the person featured in my last post, Charles A. Smith.   Above was taken around 1896... below was taken March 12th, 2013.   This is located right next to Boulevard Bakery.
 H.L. Root was Vice-President of the Burnham- Hanna-Munger Dry Goods Company which began life in 1887 at 7th and Walnut Streets.  In 1900 it moved to a large building at 8th and Broadway which is now called the Poindexter Building.  It was a wholesale dry goods company.  Below, the living room of the home.

The home right next to Mr. Roots is going up for auction on March 28th, building and contents.

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