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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cliffhanger Run/Walk 2014

 The 29th Annual Cliffhanger Run/Walk was held today along Cliff Drive in Northeast Kansas City. Participants began and ended the day on the Campus of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.  Above and below, check-in.

 Students at the University were very involved in the staging of the event and also participated in an outreach program in the community by partnering with schools to involve children in learning about exercise and healthy lifestyles.  Over 50 kids from those schools participated in the 5K run/walk with their mentor students.
 Above, walking to the start from the campus.  Below, checking out one of the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway kiosks.

                                          Above, ready set....   Below, go.   The start of the 5K.
 Cliffhanger is extremely well run by The Kansas City Track Club and is a benefit for Northeast Neighbor to Neighbor a healthcare outreach agency located in Northeast Kansas City.                                      (  )  ( )

                                 Cliff Drive, as usual, was a spectacular setting for the Cliffhanger.
                                  Above, the 5K race leader about 300 meters from the finish.

                                                    All ages participated.... all the way up to 80.

                                    Above, there is no greater joy than seeing the finish line ahead :)

                        Above, the singing of the National Anthem.... Below, the start of the 8K

                                                    Above and below, the 8K leader.

 At the conclusion of the race, participants walked back to the campus and enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, fruit, and choice of beverage.
For all the images from the day go to :

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nearly 1000 Participate in Cliffhanger Run/Walk

At 9 am Sunday morning runners and walkers from all over the city gathered at the east entrance to Cliff Drive for the start of the Cliffhanger 5k and 8k races. Staged by the Kansas City Track Club the funds generated benefited Gladstone School (my alma mater thank you very much) and Neighbor to Neighbor an agency founded to help those who don't have and can't get health insurance.

Nearly 1000 participated in the event which was blessed by mild temperatures and sunny skies.

Fresh out of the gate the first runner passes my position which was totally stationary.

All ages and both genders participated in the races. Both courses ran along the Cliff Drive Scenic Byway in Northeast Kansas City. One of the few urban byways in the nation.

That may, or may not, be a wigged runner on the left.

Holy cow.... smiling runners..... very rare....
Below Geoff and Jen Henggeler and what appears to be a stolen baby.
The Burnetts, John and Ingrid... both avid runners. Ingrid set a personal best in the 5k... no word on if John has finished yet.
When not cartooning for the Northeast News Bryan Stalder walks the Drive with his family.
5k turnaround was just past North Terrace lake.... 8k turnaround was further along the drive. Reservoir Hill is in the background.

These shots were taken from the Lexington Avenue Bridge.