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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Victorian Sparkles Anew

The new owner of 500 Bellefontaine Avenue in Historic Northeast has completed its renovation.
The Victorian, built in 1890, was showing its 128 years when purchased, but is now ready to shine. 

For more on the Bellefontaine Avenue Historic District:

 The home, above, in 1940.
 The home, in the Bellefontaine Historic District, was platted in the Richmond Place Subdividion.
The first residents were Dr. George A. and Mary Dean.  He was in the private practice of Homeopathy. 
At some point after 1900, the home was made a duplex-upstairs/downstairs.  There were many who lived there through the years.

Dr. William and Virginia Coffey (he was elected Jackson County Coroner)
William T. Holt
Robert H. Seymour
Mary Hathaway (teacher at Rollins School)
Frederic and Laura Teschemacher
Joe and Nancy Ficcadenti  (Barber 2323 1/2 Independence Avenue)
Pasquale Amendola
The Azzaro family

See the last image below for the story of a dust-up between doctors, Flavel Tiffany and William 

Dr. and Mrs. Coffey

 All of the woodwork is original 

 The removal of a wall allowed for a larger, modern kitchen. 

Home office. 

 The second floor, formerly an apartment. 

 Two car garage is a new addition. 
 When many of the mansions and other buildings were being torn down in the 30s and 40s along Independence Blvd., the bricks were taken down by the river and put in large piles.  The Azzaro family retrieved many of them to make the patio and driveway above. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Victorian Resurrection

This 1893 Victorian on Benton Boulevard has been brought back to life after languishing for years in neglect.  Below see two sets of before/after pictures and then the rest of the house and grounds.
The house is in the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood in Historic Northeast Kansas City.