Friday, July 27, 2018

Bellefontaine Avenue Historic District

500 to 524 Bellefontaine Avenue in Historic Northeast... these ten homes with only slight variations in floor plans comprise the Bellefontaine Avenue Historic District.   The two-story brick houses were all built in 1889-1890 as speculative houses for Charles K. Baker on the Richmond Place Plat.  This District complements the Scarritt Point North and South Historic Districts.  Four of the District homes shown above are coming, or on the market.. and one other from the same time period.  Google DV Realty for information.   (  )

Below are views of the block and interior shots of 504 Bellefontaine.  True treasures are these.

 These homes were constructed to provide housing for the middle class of the 19th Century.  Most of these are now divided into two apartments over/under and all have off-street parking.

                   Above, 504 Bellefontaine Avenue.   Below, the interiors of the first and second floor
                                                                          apartments. .

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