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Friday, May 10, 2019

Some Flowers For Moms

                     A Spring visit to Kauffman Memorial Gardens yielded some flower photographs.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Urban Renewal

 Wandered around the backyard today viewing all the new life that's arrived for Spring.  Also, trespassed using a long lens into my neighbors' yard.  Grant and Jessica are understanding.  A 400mm lens gives each photo an impressionistic touch.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What You Find When You Aren't Looking

 While I was photographing a house across the street I spied this architecturally delightful church.  So I had to investigate.  It is Late Gothic Revival built sometime just prior to 1902 as the Benton Boulevard Baptist Church, 2455 Benton Boulevard. .  Part of it's claim to fame is that Harry Truman was baptized there in 1902 when he was working downtown as a bank clerk with his brother Vivian.   The building was sold to the Macedonia Baptist Church in 1955 and that new congregation moved in in 1957.   Macedonia Baptist built a new building at 1700 E. Linwood Blvd. and moved to it in 2011.   The building is currently for sale  - $120,000.   It's on the register of historic places, but really needs help.  Truthfully, I had never seen this amazing building before.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The City From Northeast

The City as seen from the east.  This site is now the campus of Guadalupe Center.  It originated as National College ( I can't find anything online about it, but, I believe it was founded in the 40s ) then became a Methodist Seminary.   Day and night it's a lovely site.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring In Northeast

First warm and leafy day of the new Spring.  North Terrace Lake on Cliff Drive,  Indian Mound, and Kessler Park with it's great view of the skyline.   

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sol Centered

Perfect unintentional timing as I arrived at my previously selected spot to shoot the skyline.  The Sun setting right between City Hall and the old Telephone Building. In cases like these, you don't think about anything just react and let the camera do most of the work.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Speakeasy - Billiards - Finiś

Above is the Edward A. Stevens Home constructed in 1902. 
The current owners, Jeff Zumsteg and Jeff Linville, have just completed the last project within the walls of this gem... a Speakeasy and a Billiards Room in the basement.  

To see the rest of the home check out my earlier post below.

Above and below the hallway at the foot of the stairs...this area was originally the Maid's quarters. Door to the speakeasy is top...note the official peephole in the door. 

 Above, the maid's bathroom... now modernized.  Below, the Billiards Room.   Table from the 1800s, a cattleman theme as William Stevens  (the son) was in the cattle business here in KC.  The other child in the family was Eileen. Eileen married T.M. James, the famous purveyor of fine china in Kansas City up to the 1960s.
 Below, William in the center with pictures of the stockyards, the building of the Hannibal Bridge, and Missouri River flooding by Union Station in the West Bottoms.

 Authentic tin ceiling, booth in the corner came from the Phillips Hotel, and the table in front of it from the Muehlebach Hotel.   Below, more pictures and the "secret" entrance into the Speakeasy.

 Above and below, the Speakeasy...entrance granted only upon visual identification.
 Very cozy. 
 Above, when the Stevens' daughter, Eileen, went to England on her honeymoon, she purchased china to bring home.  The wine cabinet above is made from the chest that her china came back to
Kansas City in.
                                                       Above, advance and be recognized.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Crest In March 2019

 The Missouri River crest occurred Saturday March 23rd at about 35 feet.   Roughly six feet below flood stage.   I ventured down to Kaw Point to view the high water Thursday morning and evening.   Above, the super moon rising east of downtown.  Looking southeast from Kaw Point.    Below, the view from above the boat ramp which is completely covered by water.
Below, the same view as above before sunset. 

 Above and below, views Thursday morning from the Riverfront Walk at the foot of Main Street.

Above, skyline from Kaw Point... the entire foreground in this shot is normally dry. 

                      Above and below, the encroaching waters on the Kaw Point Park path.  You can see the Lewis and Clark Statue a little left of center in the above picture... that and the area just beyond it are usually totally dry.
 Below, lots of visitors to the Park to see the water.   Millions of gallons flowing silently by.