Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fairy Princess Season is Here

With the arrival of the Fairy Princess, truly 'Tis the Season at Corinthian Hall over here in Northeast KC.
Scarritt Renaissance neighbors Mike Stringer, Jason Milbradt and Bob Robinson got decorations and put them up themselves on the Museum and on the nearby Benton Circle and Colonnade.

Around in back Helen will greet most visitors as they arrive to see the Princess. This entrance is on the north side of the building.
Check in and get your tickets at the Visitor's Center.
The Fairy Princess is holding court in the old Long carriage house which is in the early stages of renovation. Lots of room this year for mini-princesses to visit.

Some of the critters dress in Princess appropriate attire.
If you wish you can have your picture taken with the Princess... she doesn't mind one bit... this is Princess Dani. This is her first year as a real Princess. I believe there are four Princesses this year working in royal shifts. Princess Tiffany who is also helping is in her ninth year.

Princess Dani waves her wand with the help of her new little friend and the magic gift chest opens. There is a chest for girls and one for boys.

You can tell Princesses secrets too. They're very good at keeping them forever.

Kudos once again to Christopher, Rebecca, Andrew and the rest of the staff at the Museum for doing another splendid job readying the Princess' Court.
THE IGLOO IS BACK.... bigger and bluer than ever.... and is right across the hall from the Princess. Kids can go inside and explore and even peek through the windows.

No unnecessary wanding is allowed.... but practice waving is encouraged.

There is all kinds of neat official princess stuff too and only good can come from helping out the Museum by buying some.

Photos of past princesses are shown... back when the Princess held court at Kline's Department Store. Both fortunately and unfortunately Hyper is old enough to have been there... but I don't remember it.

If you have a photo taken with the Princess you pick it up on your way out.... there's a free cookie too....
The best for last. Carol Barta is the Princess Emeritus with the Longest Reign. She visited last night along with other past Princesses during the Holiday Open House. She's the tops.

For more information on the Fairy Princess visited the Museum website at :


  1. Once again, you have captured the spirit of this beautiful neighborhood. We are so lucky to have the Kansas City Museum. I hope more and more people discover this Kansas City treasure. It's worth a trip just to see the igloo. Thank you for your time and talent, we are really enjoying your blog.

  2. sounds like fun for little girls, I am sending the link to my friend who has one

  3. Thanks Michael... what I like about the hood is that folks don't say "somebody ought to"... they just go and get it done. And's predominantly little girls... but quite a few little boys attend to... the kids just love it.

  4. wow, people!
    i sometimes worry about shooting photos of people's kids. i guess all's fair in museums.
    that's a pretty pink court they have going this year. more girly than holiday. interesting direction.
    i wonder if i can rent out the igloo for a slumber party.
    (and, yes, little boys like it b/c there's a pretty girl in a fancy floaty dress involved, i might imagine)

  5. This is not Hyper's first rodeo. I always make sure it's okay with parental units before shooting. Also checked with the Princess too. Really, the boys are just as interested in the magic part of it as the girls....

  6. This lil news-pooch takes a gander at these and is also thankful for living and working in such a great neighborhood with such greaet people. Thanks David - great stuff!
    Bunny, Abby and Locket Woman.

  7. I must have just missed you on Saturday — because I took photos of some of those same kids!

  8. I got there around 1:15... there was a steady stream of critters the whole time I was there... they're all adorable at that age... sorry I missed you!!

  9. We went on Saturday and it was amazing!!! I haven't taken Darling in the last couple of years, but we went with one of our friends and her daughter (kids were 4 and 5) and it was the PERFECT age. They loved it! I was really curious to how they were going to transform the Carriage House (was missing the grandeur of the erstwhile Gold Room, formerly the FP throne room), but it was AWESOME!! The igloo rocked too! I was glad I could crawl around in there and help my daughter with her crafts. This is a MUST do for kids!!

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