Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Summer Leftovers

All these shots were taken with a 70-200 mm lens and a Cannon closeup filter.
Monarchs feasting before their journey south.

Wing closeup... almost looks like terry cloth.
Regular old annoying fly.
Humming bird moth... they flit from flower to flower just like their avian look-a-likes.
Bees don't smile.
Pollen clings... you can take more back to the hive that way.
Moth... funny looking... except to another moth.


  1. These shots are sweet!!! Making me miss the hot weather already.

  2. I've been missing it since August :)

  3. Gorgeous, goregeous! My daughter would be over the moon for the butterfly on a pink flower one. That's two of her favorite things!

  4. The monarchs are my favorites... partly because of their beauty but also because they are the least skittish of the insects and let me approach with ease.

  5. damn. I have to get a zoom like yers. :-)

    great work.

    Mo Rage
    KC Photog Blog

  6. The Nikon 70-200 2.8 is a gem. Too bad we have to mortgage the house to buy one.