Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Homes Tour Teaser

Complete details on the homes tour December 13th in the Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood are in the post below this one. But I wanted to give you just a tiny taste of whats in store for tour guests. This is the house of Judge Stevens completed in 1902. Current owners are Bob and Jeff who have continued the renovation of this 107 year old structure. It is directly across the street from Corinthian Hall (Kansas City Museum) which will be offering hard hat tours showing the progress of its renovation. I wanted to take about a hundred more pix in this great home.... but we have to leave some views for the tour. :) Enjoy.

There is much, much more to see in this house and the other 4 on the tour all decorated for the holidays. Free carriage rides, carolers strolling up and down the Boulevard, music in the homes and topped off with refreshments and a concert at Melrose Methodist.


  1. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I think you have truly captured the grandeur of this home. I am really looking forward to this home tour. There has never been such a great collection of historic homes offered for a holiday tour. I know several of the homeowners, and they have excellent taste in decorating. This should really put you in the holiday spirit!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    these homes are always some of your best work.

    Mo Rage (Pflow)
    KC Photog Blog

  3. This and the nature shots are my favorite things to do outside of the normal everyday portraiture, etc. etc. The latter provide bread... the former provide happy.

  4. i didn't know there was this one, TOO. hmm. fancy digs. how did they make their white-painted woodwork not look like crap like at our house?

  5. You can ask them on the tour :) Bob and Jeff will be in the house to answer any questions. P.S. Remember, I only showed 10% of what they've done.