Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hillside Adventure

Ventured out today... it was that or kill myself and the cats... them first. Walked/trudged over to the old sledding hill by the east entrance to Cliff Drive and found three intrepid young souls fearlessly attacking the slope. Here are the conditions we/they faced...
Above, left to right, David, Lorenzo and Sugey .... are prepared for battle.
Lorenzo led the way on a snowboard.... a high degree of balance is required..... also the ability to crash in a stylish fashion.

Sugey went next ..... the snow is powdery so perfect ( I guess ) for boarding.....
David, above... was perfect on the sled. David, below needs a little more practice on the board but certainly was braver than I... the kids offered to let me try it.... but at my age healing takes decades and requires a multi-disciplinary medical approach.

There's nothing better than a coating of good snow. For you ex Northeasters the kids live in the circle just west of Elmwood and Gladstone Blvd.
Cliff Drive scenes..... at this point Hyper's boots were full of snow (drifts are mid-thigh deep in some places) and feet were beginning to get weird. When I was young you could slide down this hill, across the road and down the workman's path to the rail yards.... actually attain dangerous speeds....

Above, what shows of Hyper's hedge.... may not see the rest of it until August.

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