Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Memory of Father Bruce

This post is in Memory of Father Bruce Rahtjen who loved and appreciated the preservation of our history far more than most and was an absolute delight to have as a Northeast neighbor. He, like many of us in our community, treasured the architectural wonders we possess and was constantly vigilant against any who would diminish all of us through selfish destruction of our inheritance. Bruce will be sorely missed. More shots from the bike ride on Sunday through the three neighborhoods north of Independence Boulevard/Avenue. Above and below... this home was used for part of a movie production, Robert Altman's "Kansas City" released in 1996... the production company helped refurbish the exterior of the home.

Above, a bed and breakfast on Gladstone Boulevard.

Below the porch of E. Harry Kelly's house. Kelly was a ragtime performer and composer in the early part of the last century. This house is listed on the local Register of Historic Places.

Above and below.... stately. The dual garages belonged to the Heim Brothers who erected twin houses to live adjacent to each other. They owned and operated the Heim Brewery in the East Bottoms... as well as the first iteration of Electric Park in the same location.

Above the newly renovated Benton Circle and below two more views of the "Kansas City" house.

Many of the homes in Pendleton Heights are just plain cute.

Even SOME of the apartments are getting into manicured lawns.

Above and below as seen along Gladstone Boulevard just east of the Museum.

Above, one more from Pendleton.


  1. How about some shots of the recently rennovated house across from the Colonnade/park and next to the Heim house/St. Anthony's? Before it was restored, I dreamed of buying it and fixing it up. I'm more than half in love with it...

  2. If it's the one I'm thinking of on the corner that used to be white across from the apartment building... you can still buy it and fix it up.... while it was partially restored it still needs TLC and is for sale... actually it is a Heim house too.... Daddy Heim built it and his two sons built the houses next door. I'd do some shots but right now it's not terribly photogenic.... maybe a history post about all three houses... then appearance won't matter as much... :)

  3. So beautiful these homes! Thank you for these posts. Living out south, I can forget that houses can have more than 1.5 stories ;-)

    Condolences to you and all friends and family of Father Rahtjen--he sounded like an awesome guy.