Sunday, June 20, 2010

ScarrPendleMound--or, Today's Bike Ride

I try to ride the bike several times a week and generally travel amongst Indian Mound, Pendleton Heights and Scarritt Renaissance neighborhoods... which I have shortened to ScarrPendleMound. Lot's of nicely maintained homes and yards and just enough hills to make for a goodly amount of exercise. Today was much nicer with lower humidity.

Above home glows in the dark....I like how the "Beware of Dog" sign matches the house color.
There is probably an excessive amount of Day Lilies posted here but they are in bloom now.

I like symmetry....

Above and below homes on adjoining lots elegantly planted.

Homes of all sizes live in our hood......

Above the Concourse Fountain with St. Anthony's in the background. Below, an Indian Mound home on Van Brunt Boulevard. Tomorrow... the other half of the ride.


  1. my lilies are blooooomier by far. shade? ps, bike ride looks like bike stopping : ) says the woman who barely moves and is afraid of the 3 cycles in the basement.

  2. True... much stopping.... but these images are fairly far apart... it took two hours... whine, whine.

  3. You'll have to apply just like everyone else... good references are vital.