Sunday, June 20, 2010

Biker Drive By

The Kansas City Bike Club held it's City of Fountains Bicycle Tour 2010 this morning and three fountains in the Northeast were on the route. Actually there were 5 routes of 9, 17, 22, 31 and 39 miles respectively. Above, a portion of the riders by the Carl DiCapo Fountain along Cliff Drive... and, below, the group coming back from visiting the War Dead Memorial at Van Brunt and Budd Park Esplanade.... they are heading up Gladstone Boulevard toward the Concourse Fountain and sites beyond.
I hope you all appreciate the fact that Hyper got out of bed at 7am on a Sunday to get these shots.....


  1. I thought you get up at 6 every morning to chase the kids off your lawn

  2. You really think the Kids in the Hood get up at 6????