Saturday, August 28, 2010

Determined to Demo

The Cosby Hotel is doomed once again. It seems that the owner Rick Powell has turned down an offer of city money to stabilize the west end and has hired a wrecking company to take it down. I would very much like to say in this post what I think of Powell... but I vowed when I started the blog that it would be family friendly. Suffice it to say that I will NEVER go to Powel Gardens again unless it's a paying gig.... about all I can do at my station in life.

I urge all to contact their council people, the mayor, the mayor's wife, and anyone else you know who might in influence...
If we don't save the past than no one will save our present.


  1. i have never vowed to be family-friendly.
    i think rick powell doesn't know the meaning of vow.
    or public trust.
    or decency.
    only cash. cold hard cash.
    and that's what's wrong with america.
    "restore our honor." right.

  2. It's amazing that people in England are living in centuries-old buildings, but nothing in this country seems to last longer than some number of decades before it is torn down. But, it is private property. If the community cared enough, they could form a fund and call for public donations to purchase the building. I suspect it won't happen, though, with the economy as it is. Unless there is a wealthy individual with a philanthropist bent...