Saturday, August 7, 2010

Byway Summer

The Cliff Drive Scenic Byway has never been more lush.... with the wild grape, above, clinging to everything and the trees arching over the roadway, below.

Above and below.... you'd think a variety run amok and called "wild grape" would at least produce fruit.

KC Parks and Recreation has created areas in our parks that are less traveled designated for reduced mowing.... the result is landscape that, toward the end of summer, looks a little like it probably once did before it was mowed at all. Above and below views of Scarritt Point that are in the RMP... or, Reduced Mowing Program.

Above... the skyline barely visible above the trees in the distance....


  1. This looks more like Hawaii than Missouri. I really like the mystical look of the photos.

  2. I assume the photos are hdr. Which app did you use?

  3. The second one down isn't the others are. I Use Photomatix Pro.

  4. The result is very impressive.

  5. I love riding my bike through there when the wild grapes are blooming. The scent is heavenly! Almost as good as honeysuckle.