Friday, August 6, 2010

Museum Quality Fuel Oil

What's big, buried and forgotten? A fuel oil tank under the grounds of the KC Museum.... A tell tale vent pipe gave it away... at some point Corinthian Hall switched from coal to fuel oil for heat. A little cleaner and a lot easier than shoveling. Over time though the tank was forgotten.... at least until recently when engineers were checking the grounds in preparation for the installation of the new HVAC. The Museum's Engineer mentioned the vent pipe and an exploration of the subterranean parts of the old building revealed a gauge... a switch was flipped and the gauge went to zero and then to 3,500 gallons..... whoops. Today (Fri) a truck was on site to pump out the tank. Wonder what other surprises might lay in wait?


  1. wow, this must be some old-timey oil

  2. I asked if I could try to light it... and they told me to go away. I would put it in bottles and sell it.