Friday, August 20, 2010


Meleah is the reigning Miss Sooner State Sweetheart 2010 in the American Coed pageant series. We updated her photos last week for her next pageant. She is very poised for her age but perfectly willing to have fun. She lives outside of Oklahoma, City and is 10 years old.
She reminds me (and I know I'm dating myself) of a young Lauren Bacall.....
Her beautiful name means "Mary" in Hawaiian and she LOVES social studies. I think that's cool.

I suddenly realized that probably few would even remember Lauren Bacall.... here she is below at 19.

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  1. She does look like old glam Hollywood and Lauren Bacall. Even the head tilt and hair are an unplanned exact duplicate of Lauren.
    Love the last three pics the most on this blog of her. Good job, David!!!!!!!!!! She is a winner. Go Sooners!