Monday, November 22, 2010

Bond Bridge First Lighting

I was privileged to be riverside as the first set of Bond Bridge lights were turned on for the first time. Each of the cables is illuminated individually with cannon spots. Later on the L.E.D. lights will be turned on along the sides of the deck. Those can be any color and even controlled individually. The Bridge was completed six months early and the Paseo Bridge was retired last Friday. It really is gorgeous. I can see lots of riverside visits in my future. This shot is looking northwest and was taken at 6:15pm. It is seven shots at varying exposures sandwiched for the final product. Nikon D3 was tripod mounted, ASA 1000, Nikon 14-24mm set at 24mm.

I was going to post Part 2 of the Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour tonight, but I will postpone that until tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour Part 1

Last Saturday was the 4th Annual Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour.... six homes and a charter school were toured by over 300 people. Beautiful weather once again helped make it a very enjoyable day.Eric and Deana reside in this home on Olive built in 1889 for George Collier who was in real estate at the time. Since 2002 successive owners have lovingly restored the home to it's original Victorian beauty.

Above, Andrew and Jessica make this 1889 Queen Anne their home. Built by the Western Lumber Company for Frank S. Groves, the home was right next door to his partner in Simpson and Groves, Frank Simpson. Simpson and Groves was the largest real estate, loan and insurance business in Kansas City at the time.

In 1934 the house was converted into a duplex. Over the years, except for the staircase below, the original woodwork was removed.

The current owners moved in last year and finished the remodeling and upgraded the kitchen. Future plans include a media room on the finished third floor and a wine cellar.

Joseph N. Roll and Elmer E. Roll, a peddler and carpenter respectively, were the first owners of this house in 1886. In the 1950s the house was turned into an upstairs/downstairs duplex. The current owners, Gayle and Sarina, are in the process of a total restoration to a single family house... above you can see the second door which was added in place of the original window. That will be fixed as progress on the structure is made.

Interior ceilings were lowered and windows bricked up as part of the conversion to duplex. The 10-foot ceilings will be restored along with the oak flooring.

This ornate three-story walk-up apartment building was constructed by A. P. Arnold in 1918 for Pearl Arnold. In 1919 the units were renting for $30-$40 per month. They were two or three bedroom apartments with kitchnettes.
The building, at one time used as a convent, fell into disrepair over the years. In 1992 it was rehabbed with the building opened up into one residence. Samuel, the current owner, has completed the restoration which now includes a rooftop deck with a spectacular view of the Kansas City skyline.

You can look from first floor to third floor after the remodel. (And visa versa.)

Above, the second floor and, below, the view down to the first floor. Tomorrow part two of the posting with two more homes and a tour of Scuola Vita Nuova.... a spectacular charter school in the heart of the community.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

20 + 6 = 41

UPDATE: here's a link to the story: Saturday 20 Northeast neighborhood folks teamed with 6 Parks and Rec employees to start on the clearing of the area behind the Colonnade. Wednesday Channel 41, KSHB, came over to the hood to document the work. The segment is to air this evening. I don't know which newscast yet, but, if I find out I'll update this post.
Marissa Cleaver interviewed neighborhood leaders Adam Schieber and Will Royster and Kevin Evans of Parks and Rec for the piece.

Above, Adam took the crew to see the "rediscovered" steps that take one all the way down to Cliff Drive. These will be totally cleared in future cleanings.

Above, Marissa stands near an old lightpole that we also rediscovered during the cleanup. Replacement lighting is just about on the drawing board. In the foreground are the first series of steps leading to Cliff Drive below.
Above, Kevin explains Parks participation in the cleanup.
The rest of the steps... above next to an old stone wall and below winding on down to the Drive.