Thursday, November 18, 2010

20 + 6 = 41

UPDATE: here's a link to the story: Saturday 20 Northeast neighborhood folks teamed with 6 Parks and Rec employees to start on the clearing of the area behind the Colonnade. Wednesday Channel 41, KSHB, came over to the hood to document the work. The segment is to air this evening. I don't know which newscast yet, but, if I find out I'll update this post.
Marissa Cleaver interviewed neighborhood leaders Adam Schieber and Will Royster and Kevin Evans of Parks and Rec for the piece.

Above, Adam took the crew to see the "rediscovered" steps that take one all the way down to Cliff Drive. These will be totally cleared in future cleanings.

Above, Marissa stands near an old lightpole that we also rediscovered during the cleanup. Replacement lighting is just about on the drawing board. In the foreground are the first series of steps leading to Cliff Drive below.
Above, Kevin explains Parks participation in the cleanup.
The rest of the steps... above next to an old stone wall and below winding on down to the Drive.


  1. Wow...great job David! Great job Old NE neighbors! Many thanks to Parks and Rec!

  2. There was some footage taken of a group of us talking... I'm in that in the blue coat.... but I don't know if it will be used. There's none of me talking though....