Monday, November 22, 2010

Bond Bridge First Lighting

I was privileged to be riverside as the first set of Bond Bridge lights were turned on for the first time. Each of the cables is illuminated individually with cannon spots. Later on the L.E.D. lights will be turned on along the sides of the deck. Those can be any color and even controlled individually. The Bridge was completed six months early and the Paseo Bridge was retired last Friday. It really is gorgeous. I can see lots of riverside visits in my future. This shot is looking northwest and was taken at 6:15pm. It is seven shots at varying exposures sandwiched for the final product. Nikon D3 was tripod mounted, ASA 1000, Nikon 14-24mm set at 24mm.

I was going to post Part 2 of the Pendleton Heights Holiday Homes Tour tonight, but I will postpone that until tomorrow.


  1. something in this photo makes the river look really shallow. which it is, but I almost feel like it's standing in the puddle. cool bridge though.

  2. It's partly the fact that I'm almost at river's edge.... nearly at it's level. Getting there was not much fun as genius here forgot his flashlight in the car... so walking up to the edge in the dark. Genius I say, genius.

  3. Looking good Hyper! You do great phtos!

  4. fantastic shot, HB. very cool.

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