Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thacher School 1993

 Thacher School was last on the chopping block in 1993.  The District wanted to tear it down to create a soccer field.    It was spared then and actually reopened as a functioning facility.   At that time our Save Thacher Committee was allowed inside to take pictures.   I've included the external shots I took at the time too.     We should mothball the southern portion until such time as a use can be determined.
I think it would make an excellent Community Center for the Northeast.  
 This was back in the film days.  I used a Nikon F4 with T-Max 400 film and developed it normally.
                      Incidentally my Father, Aunt and Uncle went through all the grades here.  

                                         I think the different heights of the coat hooks are cute.......  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thacher School 1897 - More Needless Demo

 The only part of Thacher that is structurally questionable is the northern wing (1914) that burned... I'm not even convinced that it is dangerous.   Please note that the boarding up of the building occurred AFTER the fire.   Also note that a chain with a lock on a door isn't going to keep anyone out these days.  Incomplete securing of the structure has led to the fire and vandalism which the District now claims is the reason for the needed demolition.    It's a little like cutting your own hand off and then
                                                                  applying for disability.
 Tomorrow I'll post some interior pictures taken in 1993; the last time the District wanted to demolish it.

 This portion, the south, was constructed in 1897 and opened in 1898.  

                               Almost finished the boarding up job.  Maybe they ran out of wood.  
           Too bad negligent treatment of a cultural asset isn't a crime..... it is elsewhere... see Europe.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pendleton Heights Historic Home

This post is about a typical home in Pendleton Heights.   I'm starting with interiors because I want you to guess the age of this house.   You can skip to the bottom to cheat if you like :)
Above, entryway, below, living room.

                                                       Next series are of the dining area.

                                                   Huge kitchen with south-facing windows.....

                                There's a master bedroom and then three others on the second floor.

 One of two homes sitting on a short stretch of Elma Street.  Very quiet area, very little traffic.
               Okay, if you guessed 108 years old... you were correct.... she doesn't look her age at all.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013


 Amber stopped by the studio Saturday for some new head shots.   She's entering the Miss Missouri United States Pageant to be held in April.   We do a variety of shots... some for the pageant, but others that she can use in her modeling portfolio.       We also went outside for some shots in the snow in my backyard and also up by the Kansas City Museum.  She's represented by the Hoffman Agency.  All images Copyright 2013David Remley.

 Most of the studio shots were done using a 6-inch pan reflector around the flashtube with another light on the background... some done with a gold reflector under her chin.   Others, (yellow) were shot with a flashtube in a large light box with additional flash unit on the background and one on her hair.  All outdoor shots were available light only.

All her images are here: