Tuesday, February 24, 2009

57 Years In The Hood

In 1952 Tony Mortallaro opened the Askew Inn in Northeast Kansas City. A couple of years later his brother, Tom, came into the business and now, Tom's sons Andy and Bill keep the tradition going. It's a gathering place in the tradition of the neighborhood bar where folks have gone for brew and conversation for years. They are two of the nicest fellows you'd ever want to meet. I'm proud to have known their families for years... Bill and I went to Northeast High School together although he is hundreds of years older. If you're on Independence Avenue between Bales and Askew... stop in.


  1. I've passed by there SO many times when I lived up in the NE and I always thought it had the best name for a bar. Now I'm sorry I never went in.

  2. Moxie - You still can!
    Its a great neighborhood joint!
    Bill and Andy pour some of the coldest beer in town with a smile and a handshake.
    Great place the Askew...or as we refer to it, "The 3600 Club".

    ...a fine establishment it is

  3. The place was amazing. I met far too many city employees there for an interview and a round of drinks while there.

  4. Best bar tenders in historic North East. Some of my best memories have been made and shared at the Askew Inn. I wish you another 57 years of successful business.

    Love you lots!
    Maria Dempsey

  5. And these folks CARE about the community! I'll be stopping in more often!

  6. they have big wallets! (just a visual comment. it's the original personal organizer.) askew is sweet; i wish i were more down with cabbing around town. me no drink and drive. : (

    ps, comments is being mean again. :::: (

    in a whole new way. like not recognizing me!

  7. Blogger comments, from my own experience, are equivalent to waxed wings used to fly to the sun. Work fine until.....