Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wanting Lakefront Property

I know.... thank goodness someone finally took a picture of geese. This pair, they mate for life, returns each year ( at least I think it's the same couple ) to North Terrace Lake along Cliff Drive. They select a spot on the island in the middle of the east end of the lake and nest build. She lays her eggs... one per day... 5 to 7 total and they take turns sitting on the nest... although the female does it the majority of the time. 25 or so days later the goslings hatch and a flotilla is created. It is amusing to watch the little ones the first time or two they try to leave the water and head up the bank. The feathered duo was circling the island Tuesday.


  1. Very cool. Just watch where you step. Nothing is worse than goose poop.

  2. Mmmm . . Roast goose! Better than duck and WAY better than turkey!