Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fall Retrospective

This post is for Moxie who I know loves Cliff Drive in the fall.  Always prettiest when the sun is morning or afternoon low that's always the best time to see the abundant deer population as it feeds.   Late May and June are the best times as the new fawns make their appearance.  I found out last year that a whitetail doe, 79% of the time, will have twins or triplets.  This is why a herd can explode in population in a short amount of time.  However, weekends spring through fall, the Drive is closed to motorized traffic on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. the first photo is "by the book" framing and all. I once made on like that looking at MO river sitting at a winery and still think it's one of the best I ever made

  2. Thanks Meesha. That is the Colonnade again that I blogged about earlier. It is the perfect spot for portraits of folks.... and it's covered so drizzly weather doesn't hurt (except for the ladies' hair.)

  3. I love it! The Colonnade is awesome. I haven't made it up to Cliff Drive in a while. I'll have to do that in the spring.